About e3 Spelt® flour

e3 Spelt® flour contains lower levels of certain soluble oligo-sacharides, grouped under the name, FODMAPs (fructans) than other spelts and less than half the level found in bread wheats. When e3 Spelt® flour is used to make sourdough breads the fodmap level is further reduced and such breads are recommended by Monash University for those with IBS following a low fodmap diet. www.med.monash.edu/cecs/gastro/fodmaps/low-high.html

e3 Spelt® flour is unique in that its Expansin, a wheat allergen, has a naturally and uniquely different structure consistent with a lower immunogenicity. Acta.Alimentaria,vol 46 (2), pp 246-258 (2017) DOI:10 1556/066-2017.46.2.15